Create a Fund FAQ


What type of fund is best for me?

We have a variety of funds to meet individual needs.

How will the fund be named?

A fund may be named for the donor, in honor or in memory of someone of the donor's choosing or for the field of interest. There are lots of possibilities.

Can additional gifts be made over time?

All of our funds are "open" to additional gifts from the original donor or others. There are rules, however, if public fundraising is to be conducted, to protect the validity of charitable deductions for individual donors and to protect the Foundation.

Are there fees related to having a fund at the Foundation?

Yes, there are fees to help cover administrative costs to maintain funds. View our Fund Fee Policy for more information.

How will spending from the fund be determined?

Except for donor-advised funds, and some agency funds, funds are typically governed by the Foundation's spending policy, which calls for a total payout typically within the range of 4%-4.75%. This level of spending from a fund's total value allows the Foundation to make grants, pay the fund's expenses and administrative costs, and still increase principal over time.

Are there other relevant policies I should know about?

Anyone interested in starting a fund should also know about our Fundraising Policy and Investment Policy.

I'm ready to get started. What do I do now?

Determine which assets will be used (cash and publicly traded securities are the easiest ways to make charitable gifts), at what level you wish to give, and make arrangements with the Foundation to begin.