Please refer to the following checklist to make sure your application is complete:

  • The application is in two parts. Please download them from our application materials Web page
  • Part 1 consists of an Excel sheet. Please save a copy, fill in the appropriate cells and send back electronically. 
  • Part 2 consists of the following:
  • Cover letter
  • Full program narrative
  • Project request budget (line item)
  • Support letters
  • Supporting information:
    • Names of Board members, trustees, staff
    • Resumes for individuals responsible for project
    • Evidence of tax-exempt status if applicable
    • Financial statements for the two most recent years
    • Previous and current year budget for the organization
    • Information about collaborating organizations in applicable

Documents for Part 2 should be sent as a word or PDF file.  

Send the completed application electronically to with both the excel sheet for part 1 and the appropriate attachments for part 2. Please note in the body of your email how many attachments there are in total.