BCF Rapid Response Fund

Brookline Community Foundation’s Rapid Response Fund is a standing Fund established to help address short-term, emergency needs in our community in the aftermath of a disaster or other unforeseen event. The Fund is also in place to accept and acknowledge tax-deductible contributions from community members looking to contribute in a crisis situation.  

The Fund was set up in response to conversations with town leaders about the challenges of responding quickly to the needs of Brookline residents following a town emergency, like past fires. The fires had displaced a number of families and individuals, leaving them unable to meet their immediate basic needs, and placed additional stress on already stretched support resources like the BCF Safety Net Program administered by the Brookline Community Mental Health Center.


Grants From Fund

Grants from the Rapid Response Fund are intended to meet one-time, emergency needs resulting from a disaster or other unforeseen event, as well as to provide short-term assistance for such things as: temporary housing, basic needs, medical care and counseling, or community clean up.